Hi! This is Jia Zhou ( you can call me zhouzhou). I am a photographer based in Shanghai. I graduated from Zhejiang University with a degree in Journalism, and pursued a master’s degree in Communications from Georgetown University. I've had extensive hands on experience in photo shoot and video production for brands and people. Message me if you'd like me to help with anything.

During my off time, you will mostly find me "nerding", i.e. watching a movie, reading, searching something on Wikipedia or Zhihu, or deciding what to eat for dinner. 

p.s. Some people at work know  me by Erika. Yes that's my alter ego.  Luckily I don't have 24 personalities like Billy Milligan. Zhouzhou and Erika get along very well. 

email: jiazhou.hz@qq,com
cell: +86 138 1910 9255
wechat: +86 138 1910 9255