Hello World!
 I've finally finished my personal website afrer 3 years' procrastination. What an achievement! Special thanks to my man Andi who  helped me with the overall design of the site and how to improve on photo shooting.  Please let me know if there are any bugs and I will fix them. 

During the photo selection stage, I've realized I did not practice enough in the last two years. Products - only one project; Portraits - looking like Linkedin  profile photos; Events - meh; Food -  still need some improvement.  Only travel is presentable - but I see myself staying at the same place as two years ago. The making of my website is a wake up call for the self-satisfied zhouzhou . Go shoot more and keep producing good work!


在整理、选择照片的过程中,我发现自己在近两年并没有很多摄影作品。产品照片 - 只有一组;肖像摄影 - 多是放在Linkedin或简历上的职业照片;活动照片 - 不怎么样;食物摄影 - 还有进步的空间。只有旅行摄影还行 - 但我现在的水平和两年前没有明显的进步。制作此个人网站也是一个让自满的洲洲警醒的契机。我要不断练习、多多拍摄,激励自己不断生产新的作品!